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Can we collectively boycott 50 Shades of Grey please?

The film promotes, and romanticises sexualised violence towards women.

It is not only an utter misrepresentation of BDSM (your thoughts on that aside), it is a misrepresentation of a healthy relationship all…



If you are part of a privileged group and have to constantly demand that somebody in an oppressed group say “not all (insert privileged group here) are like that” 

what you are really demanding is that they reassure you that you’re not like that and you’re not being held accountable 

which is a cowardly thing to do and also shows the great lengths you will go to in order to avoid examining your role in a toxic system

*pours OP a glass of grape drink*

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i hate when people brush off concerns and criticisms of movies generally meant for younger audiences by saying “who cares its just a kids movie”

like you believe children dont deserve good entertainment because who cares theyre just kids its not like media shapes them kids dont matter meanwhile television for adults has to be Perfect even if its not its like those people think little to nothing of children wow cool



Washington Post columnist calls rape victimhood a ‘coveted status’

The White House’s efforts to target campus rape have produced a  number of disheartening responses, and the latest is from Washington Post op-ed columnist George Will, who says that colleges have “become the victims of progressivism.”

Funny how no one who’s been raped seems to have coveted that ‘status’ before or after, and how no one who hasn’t been raped is lining up to do so…

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